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Age of Empires
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Age of Empires

The latest news and updates on the beloved RTS gaming franchise, Age of Empires! ⚔️

Game Updates 

  • Get details on new titles like Age of Empires Mobile 📱 and Age of Mythology Retold 
  • Find out about updates to existing games like Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 🏰 and Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition 🌴
  • Learn about upcoming DLCs and expansions 💿


  • Keep up with the latest in the competitive Age of Empires scene 🎮
  • Catch highlights and VODs from tournaments and events 📹
  • Get insider info and analysis from top players and casters 🎙️


  • Connect with other passionate Age of Empires fans 🤝
  • Share strategies, tips and tricks 💡
  • Participate in community contests and giveaways 🎁

Stay tuned here for all things Age of Empires! Conquer history with us. ⚔️

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