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Games you'll feel good about

We're the game makers behind the ultra popular daily word game, the long-running spelling game where you create words from letters, the relaxing tile-matching game, the iconic crossword puzzle, and the new game where you make connections between themed categories.

Our goal is simple: create fun, engaging games that make you feel good. We focus on games that:

  • Keep your mind active and engaged
  • Are thoughtfully designed
  • Put a smile on your face

Our Most Popular Games

  • The daily word game that took the world by storm
  • The spelling game played by millions
  • The soothing tile-matching game for relaxation
  • The classic crossword puzzle
  • The new game where you link themed categories

Hear From Our Game Creators

Get insights directly from our game creators, like the iconic crossword editor, the creator of the connections game, and others.

Game News and Tips

We share latest news, tips, and community talks around our games. We might mix things up in our spelling game, but we won't go overboard.

Join us for engaging games that entertain your mind and make you feel good!

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