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Simon Brodkin's Comedy Channel

Welcome to my personal comedy channel! I'm Simon, a comedian known for my pranks and stand-up. 🎤 I'll be posting exclusive content here like:

Clips & Sketches

  • Stand-up preview videos
  • TV appearances
  • Award show crashes
  • Royal family pranks
  • Backstage antics

Expect anything from quick one-liners to satirical sketches poking fun at the establishment. No topic is off limits! 😈

Show Updates

Additionally, I share:

  • Tour dates and ticket links
  • Behind-the-scenes rehearsals
  • Q&As and AMAs
  • Merch promos and giveaways

My goal is to give fans a unique peek behind the curtain. Consider this your VIP pass to the mayhem! 🎫

Buckle up for unpredictable entertainment from Britain's most chaotic comedian. 

Simon Brodkin

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