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The Internet's Favorite Uncle

Uncle Roger (aka Nigel Ng) is a Malaysian stand-up comedian best known for his YouTube series and reactions mocking terrible cooking videos and sharing the wonders of Asian cuisine.

Latest Updates

Get the freshest Uncle Roger content, merch drops, cameo appearances, behind-the-scenes looks, and more exclusive updates straight from the fried rice connoisseur himself:

  • 🎥 New comedy roasts, cooking takedowns
  • 🛍️ Figurine & plushie releases
  • 🎤 Live show announcements
  • 🥣 Debunking Western takes on Asian food

It's All About the Wok Hay

Through his witty videos and infectiously outrageous persona, Uncle Roger is on a mission to preserve the integrity of flavors that Asian home cooks have perfected for generations.

Laugh, cry, and fuiyoh your way to better fried rice! Add some MSG to your day and join his niece & nephew community now!

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