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A Taste of the Caribbean

Join chef Jason Howard's journey through the diverse flavors of the Caribbean - from sweet to spicy, fruity to savory.

Modern twists

While Jason draws inspiration from classic Caribbean dishes passed down through generations, he also incorporates modern cooking techniques and interesting fusions to put his own creative spin on island cuisine. Expect the unexpected!

Local ingredients

From pigeon peas to plantains, ackee to avocado, Jason sources fresh, local ingredients to let the natural flavors shine through. He'll take you behind the scenes to learn about lesser known delicacies.

Varied menus

Sample dishes from different Caribbean cultures - Jamaican jerk chicken, Trinidadian doubles, Puerto Rican mofongo, Bahamian conch fritters and more. An endless array of flavors awaits.

Island life

Beyond the food, Jason provides a peek into the easygoing island lifestyle - sandy beaches, vibrant towns, rich heritage and warm hospitality. The tastes are a portal into a captivating world.

Join a leading voice celebrating and reinventing Caribbean cuisine for the 21st century. 

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