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Stay updated on the latest news and happenings around India and the world with The Times of India WhatsApp channel.ย 

Get breaking news, exclusive stories, sharp analysis and insights delivered directly to your phone. Never miss out on the most important updates across politics, business, technology, sports, entertainment and more.

The Times of India brings you coverage on the biggest national and international events as they unfold. Be the first to know about crucial developments with real-time alerts and live updates. Stay on top of the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Assembly Elections, the Israel-Gaza crisis and other major happenings with The Times of India WhatsApp channel.

With a wide range of content from hard-hitting investigative reports, human interest features, viral videos, explainers and interactive graphics, The Times of India keeps you meaningfully informed in a concise, engaging format optimized for WhatsApp.

Subscribe now and empower yourself with timely, credible and comprehensive news updates from India's largest and fastest growing English news platform.

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